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8 Tips For Creating A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Creating a kid-friendly kitchen doesn't have to be complicated. You need to make a few simple changes to cook and clean up safer for your little ones. Here are a few kitchen remodeling services tips to get you started!

1) Safe Seating Area Height

For little children, having a safe and comfortable place to sit while they help with cooking can be very important. You can create a safe and comfortable seating area by lowering your countertops to a child-friendly height. This way, they can easily see and reach everything they need without being in danger of tipping over or getting hurt.

2) Add Some Color

Another excellent way to make your kitchen kid-friendly is by adding color! You can do this by painting the walls or adding fun wallpaper borders. Adding some color will make the space more fun and inviting for your little ones.

3) Rounded Countertop Corners

An unfortunate accident is always seconds away with energetic children. Pointy corners in the kitchen are just asking for trouble. Avoid any unnecessary trips to the ER by having your countertops rounded. This way, if your kiddo does take a spill, the damage will be minimal.

4) Keep Things Within Reach

Kids are notorious for wanting things that are just out of reach. To avoid a constant game of "I can touch it, but I can't get it," keep all their favorite snacks and drinks within arm's reach. Utilize lower cabinets and shelves to store food items and use cup hooks to keep cups off counters and tabletops.

5) Use Built-in Step Stools 

Consider built-in step stools if your kids are constantly trying to reach things that are too high up. You can easily pull these handy helpers out when required and store them away when they're not in use. This way, your kids can always grab something without needing your help – and you can avoid sore backs from constantly bending over.

6) Keep Things Organized

A well-organized kitchen is a safe kitchen. Kids get into trouble when things are cluttered and out of place. Keep cabinets and drawers neat, and remove any small appliances or sharp objects when they're not in use. By keeping things organized, you can help prevent accidents.

7) Safety Latches

Safety latches are becoming increasingly popular in homes with small children. And for a good reason! If you have cabinets or drawers containing dangerous items, safety latches can help prevent curious little hands from getting into them.

8) Use the Right Cleaning Products

When cleaning your kitchen, use safe products for kids and pets. Many standard household cleaning solutions contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous if ingested. Look for natural, plant-based cleaners that are safe for use around children and animals.
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