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Colonial Style Kitchens: Truly Timeless And Sophisticated

Few things are as elegant and timeless as a well-designed colonial-style kitchen. If you're lucky enough to have one in your home, be sure to take care of it – these kitchens are increasingly rare and can be pretty valuable.

A colonial-style kitchen features sophisticated details like crown molding, paneling, and built-in cabinetry that are hardly present in modern kitchens. If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, consider a colonial style – it could be the ideal choice.

Why Are Colonial Kitchens Timeless?

Colonial-style kitchens have a classic no-frills vibe that is inviting and slightly mysterious. The kitchens feel like you're stepping back in time – and were designed to be comfortable and practical, without unnecessary flourishes. This no-nonsense kitchen design approach is timeless, which explains the colonial style's enduring popularity.

What Makes Them Sophisticated?

While colonial kitchens might not seem particularly sophisticated at first glance, they have quite a few features that give them a luxurious edge. For example, colonial kitchens often feature built-in cabinetry and crown molding – two features of high-end homes. Also, colonial kitchens tend to have more storage space than other kitchen styles, making them feel more extensive and more spacious.

Common Features in a Colonial Kitchen Space

Natural Hardwood Cabinetry

Natural hardwood cabinetry is integral to any classical look, and colonial kitchens are no exception. Customize your wood cabinetry, reface the wood veneers, and transform your space to radiate a colonial vibe.

Traditional Door Styles

Colonial kitchens feature elegant raised-panel doors with intricately designed moldings. The door style you choose should keep with your home's era.

Crown Molding

This is a defining feature of colonial architecture, and it’s one that can add some luxury to your kitchen space. Crown molding adds an element of sophistication and can also help to create the illusion of a larger space.

Understate the Appliances

In colonial-style kitchens, the focus is on the cabinetry and not the appliances. So, choosing appliances that blend in with the cabinets or are hidden behind doors is best.

Wood Flooring

Another colonial kitchen staple is wood flooring. Choose a stain that complements your cabinets and trim work.


Your hardware should be simple and understated. Cabinet knobs and pulls in a colonial-style kitchen are typically made of brass or bronze.

Choose the Right Finish

Colonial-style kitchens are typically painted in a light color with dark accent colors. But you can also opt for a stain finish if you prefer a more natural look.

With their simple and understated elements, colonial-style kitchens radiate elegance and refinement. If you want to adopt this style of kitchen in your home, keep these tips in mind!

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